3D Modeling

All sizes of projects can be made as a 3D model. It is a digital hands-on process with few short-cuts. We specialize in the production of 3D models, to scale, from source files, sketches, or technical descriptions. With the software we use, we will make the 3D model look realistic, even photorealistic.


Although there are many ways to approach 3D projects, the preferred workflow and software choices of AB Creative are optimized to suit most assignments. The 3D design models we make are detailed full-size, and to scale, ready to animate. We aim to produce results in 3D modeling, previews, and final renders quickly and cost-effectively.



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Screenshot CAD line drawing white line on dark gray quay crane base.

Colour simple screenshot perspective crane wheels taking shape.

3D Unity realistic screenshot grey crane base orange wheel housings blue sky.