3D Printing

First the modeling

We have minimal experience with actual 3D printing. We do have experience in making a highly detailed and precise 3D model for 'printing' a gold ring. The printing part was not to print the actual gold ring, but the shape to make a mold, into which pour the gold for the ring. Yes, it's quite an intensive operation. But with a good workflow, it could probably be a lucrative route to make gold jewelry.

Jewelry 'printing'

The process could be something like this:-

  • 3D modeling the jewelry object
  • 3D print the model
  • Use the 3D print to make the negative cast
  • Pour metal into a cast and allow to cool
  • Break off the cast and finish jewelry by hand

On the right are some of the images of the modeling process we went through. It was a learning curve.

Model preparation

Our modeling services can make, or adapt, an existing model for use in the 3D printing environment.

And it doesn't have to be for jewelry!


VRay rough close up front/side view of ring being modeled.

Screenshot side view to plan junctions ring modeling process.