Big-Scene Viz

Large exterior projects require visualization in the context of their natural surroundings. Various considerations, such as geographical location, physical connections, transportation routes, environment, logistical, weather-and-climate can be visualized.

Big interior projects benefit from a walk-through or birds-eye view, to show the connection between spaces. A specially designed interior lighting scheme creates a fun atmosphere. 3D people in both interior and exterior projects help provide scale and atmosphere.

Full-size 3D models

Developing a 3D detail design model, we work full-size to scale, both for interior and exterior projects.

Still images and flyover

Setting up a series of camera viewpoints provides previews from multiple angles. Using a combination of rendering techniques, we have different options to offer. An animation can be rendered out on the render farm or in a game engine. Add voice-over, synchronized on-screen text, and music track to give a more effective presentation.


  • Preparation of presentation materials
  • Design development and presentation
  • Visuals and animation for tender process
  • Show any project in its surrounding context

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3D realistic render evening sunlight over harbor very high viewpoint.

3D themed winter snow park ice rink with skaters surrounded by themed fantasy houses.

3D bird's eye overview of HWW & with Amsterdam style houses set in polder landscape.