Port Visualization

For some years, we have specialized in port visualization for both container port companies, and also to the suppliers of specialized equipment, and services to various port-based companies. On the right, are three example images of different kinds of port visualization.

The top two images are from detailed 3D animation projects.
The lower image was made to be fully programmed in Unity, by our client, for crane driver training purposes.

Presentation materials


  • Confidential tender applications 
  • New product development 
  • Specific technical operations
  • Animated safety information videos
  • Instruction videos for port workers related to new systems
  • Internal operations information presentations
  • Accurate VR models and scenes for use in Unity
  • CAD conversion from 2D into 3D
  • Signage development

Work process

Large port scenes, and other types of wide-open exterior projects, are built up from a mixture of library elements, and custom-made 3D models, to represent the proposed design. Further away from the design, less detail is needed, and in this, a good balance needs to be achieved.

To get initial renders, we need about a week or two of pure modeling time. By then you will have a good indication of progress. These stages are preliminary to any animation or flythrough.