Post production

Editing the animation

The finished animation appears on-screen during post-production. The render sequences are in the editing program by now, and subtle transitions between them are all in place. Titles and logos are designed and in position combine with the animation. It's getting exciting now as we near a finished product!

Audio yes or no

In trade shows, where the animation will run on a screen in the background, voice and music are not necessary. However, for presentations to a captive audience or on youtube, then a voice-over and an accompanying music track are advisable.


We source a suitable voice for the voice-over recording in language, dialect, and style that suits each project. Male or female, young or older voice styles are all available. We synchronize and edit the voice into the final animation.

Synchronized on-screen text

The client will usually write the on-screen text. Our editing process ensures that the text on-screen synchronizes with the voice, and with the animation, making it possible to hear, and read simultaneously. For example, English on-screen text and a different language for the voice-over, are both synchronized with the animation.

Music track

We source royalty-free music tracks to use as background music for the animation. We choose 3 or 4 music tracks as previews, and the client will choose the one to use. We edit the music track to fit seamlessly to the length of the animation.

Please take a look at some of our post-production here and here.

Container terminal video-editing time-line various voices and video files.

Video-editing global view of international sea routes and locations.