Ampyx Power AP3

Launch-and-land in Ireland

This animation shows the take-off and landing procedure for the AP3 test site in Ireland. Designed and developed by Ampyx Power of Den Haag, this AI piloted rigid kite is guided purely by algorithms. Our task was to visualize the AP3 launch-and-land and produce 3D animation for use on their upcoming new website. The plane in the animation is data-driven in terms of direction, speed, rotation about the three axes. The tether is hand adjusted to approximate the motion expected. The middle sequence shows the plane high up almost invisible in its energy production flight pattern.

VRay rendering

Being the first project testing our new VRay licenses with all the latest materials, lighting, and camera settings to discover, we had our work cut out. A stinking and deeply rutted peat bog surrounds this Irish test site. To our benefit, we made Photoshop generated bump, and normal maps helped to make the ground look much more realistic and 'countrified' for rendering. We used a beautiful, really vast HDRI sky for lighting too. We enjoyed playing around with camera angles, and motion cameras, to make the clip show just enough of the critical events. For rendering, we eventually used 3 minute renders, and for some still images we used 5 minute renders.

STL files

The STL file from Ampyx Power converted to be useable in our render environment meant significantly reducing the poly-count manually, removing double facing and internal objects that were not going to show in the final renders.