De Donkere Sluis Gouda

Mysterious canal lock

'De Donkere Sluis' in Dutch means the 'The dark lock' in English and certainly sounds somewhat strange! I would describe it as the first sort of flushing system for the canals of Gouda. Our task was to animate how it used to work some centuries ago, and the context connected with the then-current restoration of the 'dark lock' itself.  

2D CAD into 3D

We used detailed CAD info for the outlines of the houses of Gouda and thereby built up an impression of the whole of Gouda. Following the path of the moving waves caused by deliberately opening the lock worked out was achieved by a moving camera along a predefined path.

Cartoon style

We chose to render in a cartoon style with a black line around everything. Toon shading turned out to be a suitable solution for this project.