Lego Bonny and Berty

come alive

As mentioned elsewhere, ABCreative has roots in hand-drawn 3D design visualization. Some years ago, we worked together with Legoland Windsor in developing and presenting concept ideas for new rides for the Windsor Legoland theme park in the UK. Hand-drawn images on huge sheets of paper scanned into Photoshop for colouring. It was lots of fun and probably led to us doing the Lego Bonny and Berty animation you see above.

Legoland Discovery Center

Some years later, and significantly, before the Lego Movie came out (in 2014), we were contacted by Legoland about making a short 3D animated movie clip for showing in the queue-lines for the newly opened Legoland Discovery Center. To model and animate Lego-characters was a real challenge and much fun. The bodies are 'skinned', 'rigged', and key-frame animated. The faces of  Berty and Bonny are animated textures. 

Made before the Lego Movie (2014)

Now the clip looks pretty basic, but remember, it was before the Lego Movie (2014) came out, and in recent years our expectations have skyrocketed! Still, it's one to tell the grand-kids! No, it wasn't all cut and paste! Pamela and Andrew did the voice-overs. Nowadays, we tend to use Voice Bunny online voice services for our business-to-business voice-over audio-visual projects.