Detailed 3D crane models made for use in combination with a Unity Virtual Reality environment, for crane movement optimization, and for driver training. To enable our clients to improve and test their advanced crane control systems. 

2D CAD into 3D model

Working from the 2D CAD information, we prepare full-size 3D digital models of these huge monsters of the container port environment. 

naming of parts

All parts of the crane are separate objects in order to simulate a real crane under the forces of gravity, weight, inertia, momentum, twist, movement, rotate, wind, to name but a few. The naming of these parts makes the Unity stage easier.


Using Substance Painter, we make these cranes look like they do in the real world with dirt, scratches, oil stains, and weathering sustained from the exposed port environment. The resulting model is impressive.

Programed in UNITY 

Setting up a Unity scene for our client to take over programing the working parts. All crane controls of movement, rotation, the forces of gravity, weight, wind-resistance, and more to simulate various situations and workload of a typical crane.