Holland Winter World

Mini Amsterdam

Imagine being able to play on the frozen canals of Amsterdam in winter and also all-year-round in this innovative concept indoor theme park. Meanwhile, outside there is a summer canalside scene with houseboats used as hotel rooms. We developed and modeled this environment from sketches and verbal descriptions from our client through various versions and layouts arriving at these three bridge version.

3D modelling and normal maps

Making these model Amsterdam canal houses a bit wonky (but not too wonky) and designing the canal side, bridges, hotel room, and the outside polder environment were some of the challenges in this project. Of course, we had to get a van Gogh picture on the hotel bedroom wall next to the roaring fire to warm up our tired guests. Eventually populating the scene with snow-clad characters in various groupings to make it more fun and realistic.

Camera path

The camera path for the walk-through was particularly tricky to show the most attractive features of this project.