Quick release catch

Here we import an existing 3D model and make it ready to animate to show the particular product in action. For example, the simple animation you see above. 

Materials and lighting

Apply some realistic materials to make the object and the overall scene look 'real.' Add lights and an HDRI environment for extra realism.

Camera path and render

Plan some static cameras or a moving camera. Also, make a batch render of the file, so all cameras are rendered with one click to be saved for post-processing. Once the file is ready to render, and the F9 button on the keyboard pressed, still-images will only take a couple of minutes!

Render farm

For animation, however, rendering on our render-farm will speed things up, compared to rendering on one PC only. If each image takes 2 minutes to make, then 10 seconds of animation with 30 fps or pictures per second will need 300 pictures, or frames as we call them. 300x2 min = 600 minutes. 

That is 10 hours on one PC.
Our render farm does the same job in 2.5 hours. 
For illustration purposes only! Each project is different.