US Kaifeng

Conceptual themed 3D animation

Being able to design and use your imagination in a project is one of the many things we like most about our work. These theme park type projects are always so much fun and challenging, and this one has pushed us to new levels of what is possible with a small team and strict deadlines.

Huge amount of modelling

When we started on this project, at the concept stage, there were some great ideas and themes to consider. We also noticed our 3D model space was just a vast space that needed filling out. Working with the designers, we gradually filled up the space to produce a concept-level animated walkthrough, with night-time lighting. After client approval, the project went to other stages of presentation.

Character animation and lighting

We added hundreds of animated Chinese-styled characters, dressed in colourful winter clothing and smiling faces, and the scene was a lot of fun to make. The model rendered in Lumion, but the detailed waving characters, for example, were animated in Studio max and composited later in After Effects matching camera motion as best we could. The lighting is done in Lumion, using artificial lights for most sequences.