Environment model

One sunny evening in Zeeland

In the above fly-over clip, it's a beautiful calm summer evening for a helicopter ride over the port of Vlissingen Oost, Zeeland, in the Netherlands.

Uses of an environment model

  • Specific large scale projects in its surroundings
  • Camera motion and content can be pre-planned and rendered
  • 'Photo-realistic' presentation of your project in its surroundings
  • Weather and lighting conditions adjusted to suit the project
  • Zooming in to particular businesses or locations

Highlights your project

This clip shows a typical high-level 360-degree fly-around. A fly-over from any direction could also render from the same 3D model because we have a detailed digital 3D environment of Vlissingen Oost. Making another 3D model of your actual project development, and combining the two models, we can now show your project in context with its real surroundings. 

Sometimes the environment model can be re-used and updated for new projects, as has happened several times with Vlissingen Oost.