SHOW YEARS in minutes

A time-lapse animation is a presentation where weeks, months, or years get visualized in a few minutes. Time-lapse can show the development over time, of a whole project, in terms of size and scale. A 10-year plan for project development can be presented in a 2-3 minute animation using this 3D animated time-lapse technique. 

Progress speeded-up

Container ports populated with massive cranes and ships in an industrial environment are ideally suited to time-lapse animations. Whether it's the arrival of shipments of new quay cranes from the Far East, or simulating a new port location or the build-up of a new container terminal over time, an animated time-lapse is always impressive.  

Working backward

  • Build the final development phase of your project in 3D
  • Decide how long the animation is to be, in seconds
  • Working backward in time elements pop-up using keyframes
  • Fly-around of future port shown in time-lapse