Solar parks

Big scenes

The visualization of any solar park location always requires a vast area of ground shown in 3D space with the sky, weather, and surrounding natural environment.

Fly-over country

Hiring a helicopter won't be necessary. We can make a fly-over animation or a series of still images from any angle and any height showing your solar park proposals in context.

10km square

Starting with a 10 km base, we will add your proposed solar park design as a custom-made 3D model made to scale full size.

Roads, towns, and villages

We can add main roads, railway lines, surrounding towns, villages, houses, bridges, pylons, and windmills to build the scene. Please tell us what you want to see. Particular landmarks can be custom-made using useful reference material.

Trees and water

Adding surrounding woodlands, rows of trees, reedbeds, canals, and lakes. Natural features that are relevant to the location add to the overall impression.

Bring me sunshine

We will add 3D cloud formations and sunshine. Of course, ensuring that the sun shines in the right direction is related to the site location for the time of year.

Eye-level viewpoints

Adding 3D animated people to the scene brings a visual scale to the close-up viewpoints. We can make eye-level views, from nearby the location, to show what the local people will see, at ground level. Eventually, you will have the images, and animation required for your presentation purposes.

3D render bird's eye large field full of solar panels and surrounding trees and lake.

3D bird's eye view solar park in distance with lake and some buildings.

3D render showing 2 people car parked inspecting solar panels sunny day.