Virtual Reality

Why should the gaming industry have all the fun? If you put a VR headset on, you are in another world for a short while, either for training or information or pure entertainment.

VR assets

In recent years, we have clients wanting the re-modeling of high poly models into low-poly assets for use in a virtual reality environment, usually combined with physical properties to simulate real-world situations.

Low-poly modeling

VR content needs to be low-poly. We make scenes ready for use in the VR platform of your choice. Working from 2D CAD information or other design docs, we can make your content in 3D for use in VR.


To ensure your VR looks good, we can achieve this with a technique called 'unwrapping,' enabling realistic materials, real-world dust scratches, and wear-and-tear marks leading to almost hyper-real effects.


Unity 3D is a handy platform to program these low-poly assets, and enable you to create your own VR environment for training, sales, or other end uses. We produce 3D assets for use in Unity with excellent materials to make your scene and object look like the real world.


Hololens or augmented reality. Layering objects visually on top and in-relation-to real things. 
Great for training purposes like:- 

  • How you repair a helicopter part
  • Viewing prototypes of a house or care-engine

360° video

Your project as a 3D model in its environment produced as a 360° video for use on YouTube or elsewhere.

Edited screenshot crane drivers cab looking down to spreader from inside.