Big scene visualization

Helps focus on the project

The foundation of quality 3D still images and animation will be the 3D modeling of your project and the surrounding environment at full-scale, approximately 5km in all directions. Modeling the surroundings in an impressionistic way helps give attention to specific key areas such as the actual project content and location, the surrounding forests, lakes, towns, villages, and other landmarks particular to the project.


To bring the 3D scene alive, and as part of the design process, we make a careful choice of relevant materials, asset placement such as trees and local landmarks, and in some close-up regions the deployment of 3D people and vehicles. Making a 3D scene look realistic with all kinds of assets, lighting techniques, and camera angles will enable your scene to come alive digitally.

Presentation materials

Making an animated fly-over, and a series of high-quality stills will significantly assist any project presentation. Using carefully chosen camera paths, zoomed-in views, and close camera angles, can all be achieved from this well-produced 3D scene. Using various rendering techniques, specific to each project, we will try to find the best solution for each project.


AB Creative can supply you with still images and animation and VR. We have multiple methods for rendering excellent quality animation, as you can see from the following examples: 3D environment modelconceptual designsolar parks and ports.