Leisure design


AB Creative enjoys working with designers and project developers, creating themed project developments: it is always a lot of fun. There is usually a vast amount of 3D space available for these projects. The enigma of impossible deadlines and the challenge of new colleagues to communicate with adds to the fun. Pressure from all sides, limited time available, and with large amounts of modeling, materials, lighting, camera angles, and fly-through paths to arrange. The visual aspect of the project begins to take shape, quicker than expected.


At the concept design stage, AB Creative works towards making inspiring images to get client approval for the subsequent development stages. Often there is not much to work with, except for a big space and a looming deadline. It's time to get creative. We have the experience, and design ability to 'fill-in-the-blanks' of a presentation, to produce something to take the design discussion and project content forward.

design theming

AB Creative can contribute to the overall design theming of any project. Interior lighting and 3D animated people, or static ones help to add scale,  realism, and atmosphere. A well-lit atmospheric series of still images, walkthroughs, or fly-throughs of any project will inspire your audience. The goal is to convince others of the proposed design, leading to discussion, design development, and implementation.